The Stela of sA-wAD-HAtPreserved in the Grand Egyptian Museum with No.GEM 14376 "A Comparative Analytical Study and Publishing for the First Time"

نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


Faculty of Archeology and Tourism Guidance, Misr University for science and Technology .


This study aims to discuss and study a stela of "%A-wAD-HAt" that hasn’t been published before, and which has neither been investigated nor studied in a comprehensive analytical study by researchers. a stela has a semi-circle top that may be an imitation of the planetarium or Primeval mound. This a stela is preserved in the Grand Egyptian Museum with NO. GEM 14376. A stela contained five registers containing recorded texts and scenes, At the top and the top of turning, the formula for making the offerings is inscribed in one clear line that continues in the first register. The main scenes depicting the children and relatives of the deceased (owner) are inscribed in the second, third, and fourth registers. The stela ends with one writing line in the fifth register. The present study covers the stela analytically, linguistically, and technically according to the descriptive, analytical, and comparative approach. It examines the linguistic structures and analyzes the technical elements of the stela and their symbolism in ancient Egyptian beliefs. Furthermore, it applies the comparative historical approach to the technical elements and linguisticconnotations to accurately date the stela under study.

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