“May He Live Among Them” Offering table CG.23240 at the Egyptian Museum

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Faculty of Archaeology – Cairo University


During Ahmed Pasha Kamal’s excavations in the Greco-Roman cemetery to the north-east of the pyramid of Amenemhat III at Hawara in 1862, there discovered a rare offering table housed now at the Egyptian Museum. The table bears inventory number CG.23240, and enjoys a good state of preservation. The importance of this offering table is not only it holds a unique artistic style but also an unusual offering formula and titles. Moreover, the text of the offering table sheds light on a unique social case in this family. It is noteworthy that this table had belonged to ‘Padiosiris’ a local priest of Sakhmet, as well as his brother ‘Padihor’, a priest of Horus at Shedet, these two priests lived at Hawara in early Ptolemaic Period. Hence the aim of this article is to publish this offering table, as well as to trace the stemma of their family which will shed more light on the history of the region and also its inhabitants.

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