ʿḫBrazier in ancient Egypt

نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


Al Alson Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels- Nasr City


In ancient Egypt, the heat sources are multiple and different. One of the most common was brazier. In the Egyptian language the brazier was the determinative for many words related to fire and heat, for example: “hot”, “flame”, “fire” and “candle”. Its use appeared through the scenes of the tombs in cooking, heat and lighting. They were also used in sanctuaries, functioning as movable altars containing various offerings such as burning incense , bread or small balls of resin and roasted ducks. As the fire was closely related to the Underworld, the ʿḫ brazier played an important role as an element of destruction and burning.
This paper is attempt to shed light on different types of ʿḫbraziers and their determinatives. The role that the ʿḫbraziers played in cooking scenes and the various forms in which it appeared, in addition to its uses as a place for fireplace in general. Observing the differences that appeared in the brazier through the scenes of the tombs, whether in its forms, the types of offerings that appeared above, or the method of carrying it. It will be described and analyzed replacing the brazier with the incense burner in many scenes. And finally, the use of the brazier as an element of destruction and burning, explaining the symbolic meaning behind the appearance of the brazier in the scenes of the underworld.

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