An Offering Table of Sneferu-nefer II Egyptian Museum (JE 11527, CG 1328, SR 2/ 15727)

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Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University


The present paper is about publishing an alabaster inscribed hetep-signshape offering table with slanting sides and measures 32 cm high, 55 cm wide, and 22cm deep, it is exhibited at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo under numbers (JE 11527, CG 1328, SR 2/ 15727). The offering table was found in the tomb of Sneferu-nefer II (E7), excavated by A. Mariette for the Egyptian Antiquities Service in 1860 in North Saqqara, to the north of the Step Pyramid. Sneferu-nefer II was the overseer of singers of the great house, the under-supervisor of the prophets of the pyramid of Dedkare, and the overseer of residence of courtiers. The offering table is in good condition of preservation. The upper surface is occupied with a spout, two bowls, and a disc surrounded by incised hieroglyphic inscriptions. The hieroglyphs are carved in sunken reliefs, and the signs are small but deeply and carefully incised. Based on its style and the orthographical and paleographical details, the offering table probably dates back to the 6th Dynasty

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